Corporate events
I also provide a service for event organisers with clients involved with the beer, drink, food, etc industry.
(For information on public workshops and lectures,
please see my home page).

Within 1 hour, I enable up to 15 participants to each:

Make a pinhole camera from a container of relevance to their company:
(beer, drink can tin or cereal box, Land Rover etc)

Take their portrait using this camera.

Watch the image appear using traditional photographic techniques.

View these images in positive using digital techniques.

At the end of the day I can show a powerpoint of positive images taken throughout the day.

Also each client leaves with a negative print and a loaded camera which they can use to take a 6-month duration exposure of the sun.

I can create a darkroom on site, or can use my motorhome as a mobile darkroom or walk in camera obscura.


"You were the absolute star of the show and an essential part of our team".

"the results were just outstanding".

"I was completely blown away by the images that were produced and the slideshow on Wednesday night was simply stunning".

"You have a unique and specialist skillset which I fully intend to use in the future".

Kester Wilkinson - D3 Active

"Justin's workshops enthuse and inspire our students. They are jam packed with information, creative and hands on. The students use the work that they make as part of their coursework. The day flies by! "

Zoe Kingston, photography teacher, Beaufort Community School.

"The children and I have loved the opportunity to do something totally different. They have been amazed at the simplicity of photography and the ease with which you can produce some amazing images. Justin made pinhole photography a magical, yet scientifically plausible experience for the children. What's more, we produced some beautiful images for our displays. There was creativity, science, photography and lots of fun involved."

Leah Tomlin - Henleaze Junior School