How to do stuff

Amongst other things in life, I teach people how to do this kinda thang,
so I'm attaching some 'how to do it' info



'Instant Wonder (Camera obscura)'

Making a Pinhole

Using Electronic Flash

'Beer Can Camera'

'Can and Wheelie bin'

'720 degree - toilet roll camera',

'110 cameras'


Smileycam instructions

Information on making 6 month duration exposures
inspiration provided by Tarja Trygg and Solargraphy

You Tube Video Demonstrations

General pinhole
Blue Peter

BBC 1 show

6 month duration exposure solargraph camera (NEW!)

A day in the life of a
Pinhole Photographer

Pinhole Beer Can Camera + Darkroom

Alternative processes
with Chris Waller
Gum Bichromate

Albumen Printing
Salt Prints

(Best to wear gloves when handling chemicals)

Some of this information will be revamped as soon as I can get my act into gear! meanwhile I hope it is of use, if not you could always get me to do a workshop etc, (ideally for 4 months somewhere warm!)