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Pinhole with photographic film - Colour and Black and White

If you are after accessible quality this is for you. Many people think putting a pinhole in front of an SLR camera will suffice.however the pinhole will always be too far from the film plane to produce a good quality image.
Colour negative film is wonderful material for pinhole and can still be widely processed (and scanned) but can also be fairly easily developed at home and the negatives then digitally scanned.


110 cartridge - The Smileycam (and 126 - RIP)
A camera which takes 23 colour images with three qualities. Unlimited depth of field from a pinhole 2cm from the ground, indestructible,,,,and it can fit inside your mouth! - Whats not to like! 
126 cartridge is sadly no longer available but I used to build a small box with a pinhole. Contact me f.f.i. It is also possible to roll 35mm film inside an old cartridge. (but doesn't fit inside your mouth!)

smileycam camera.jpg

35mm. The best home made pinhole camera ever!
A little tricky to make but the pinhole camera everyone should master. Made from cheap 35mm plastic 'point and shoot' cameras with a hole cut out of the back. The film is then 'flipped backwards' from one cartridge to another and exposed through the back of the camera. (Another JQ invention!)

35mm 1 .jpg

120 medium format and beyond. 
A bit on the geeky scale but there are ways to make use of 120 film backs and ways to use 5x4 cameras or adapted bellows cameras. 


Digital pinhole and pinhole video
Using a DSLR is a bit weird but still worth experimentation. Pinhole video is a world waiting to be refined and explored!

digital pinhole 35mm.jpg
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