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Inset - Professional Development 

Designed to accompany my book: 'Discovering Light - Experiments to explore the fastest thing in the universe! published by the  Association for Science Education

All you will need to teach 'light' in a classroom or at home!

A CPD course will benefit primary and secondary teachers and cover experimenting with light as well as pinhole photography and optics. The diversity within the project based learning potential of the day is useful in many subject areas including: Stem, science, art, photography, history and ICT.

The course will cover the book experiments including:

Discovering Light.jpg

Camera Obscuras
How to build and and teach using several effective and inexpensive camera obscuras from hand held devices to room sized projections using both pinholes and lenses.


Pinhole Photography and Darkroom Construction
How to enable a whole class to make and use simple but effective wide-angle pinhole cameras out of discarded materials which are then used to create traditional negative images by learning how to safely and affordably set up a temporary darkroom to open up learning opportunities in history, science, chemistry and creativity.


Allowing every student to capture a 3-month duration exposure image of
the suns path across the sky.This project covers both art and science as well as involving family and friends.

Innovative ways to use salt paper and traditional light sensitive materials to capture shadows and light.

Non-Chemical Approaches
How to use photographic materials alongside digital scanners avoiding the use of chemicals.

Digital photography
How to apply digital image capture to the processes above.

eye front view sml.jpg
Viewing prints sml.jpg
lumen 2 al.jpg

Although the day will concentrate on alternative experimental imaging, if required there can also be a time spent on how to creatively use digital imaging alongside these approaches with simple digital compact cameras and a short master class in how teachers and students can take good images with these cameras including some simple projects using both compact cameras and camera phones.

Each school will be given a camera obscura kit to create your own room-sized obscura,
PowerPoint presentations on pinhole photography and camera obscuras.

All materials provided.

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