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These have been lifted straight from my old site, and as such they are mainly people from the past, however this also means there will be links to people undiscovered by students bashing 'pinhole photography' into a search engine so is hopefully quite unique.


Jon Grepstad. - Possible the best history of pinhole on the web.
The Pinhole Point of View - A fine contemporary history by Doug Stewart
Nick Dvoraceks website - Full of historical articles, resources for teachers, cameras to build and his own work too!

Resources - What's on - Events and exhibitions - 2500 years after Mo Ti thought, "Oooh that's clever", World Pinhole day occurs on the last Sunday of April every year (until light stops travelling in a straight line!) / - Gregg Kemp kept us informed for years with his 'pinhole news' Keeping us up to date with events the hole world. A good egg and sorley missed. - Eric Renner's original site. The people who united the pinhole world before Google! - Tom Persingers excellent site closed shop in 2015 for  visual creativity. - Exposure calculator (although guessing is fun!) - Mad fun stuff! - Digital pinhole

Photographique 110 Processing (UK) 

Pinhole Photographers - Jo Babcock - Thomas Bachler - Craig Barber - Pinky Bass - Wayne Belger (Putting us all to shame!) - Jay Bender - Dianne Bos - Celeste Brignacs - Valerie Burke - Martha Cassanave - Katy Cooks blog on lensless photography and other strange persuits. - Walter Crump - Bethany De Forest (Pure magic) - Kathryn Faulkner - Paolo Gioli - Guy Glorieux - Adrian Hanft - Cutting edge uk pinhole adventurer - Edward Levinson Diego Carlos Lopez, An original Solargrapher. An inspiration to all. - Robert Mann (if its good enough for Brad!) - Albelardo Morell - Marja Pirila (Obscura gorgeousness). - Tomas Salkus (Joy from wood and holes) Alnis Stakle Masimo Stefanutti - Tarja Trygg worldwide solargraph project - Willie Anne Wright
Bob St-Cyr in Sakatchewan - The worlds largest ever photograph!


Cameras Rent a Camera Obscura! Beautiful ceramic cameras and photos, (and you should see his parsnip!) Great pinhole cameras for sale more cool cameras for sale - Tim Norgate's comprehensive pinhole site - Worldwide promotion of alternative photography


Further Reading
Eric Renner: Pinhole Photography: From Historic Technique to Digital Application (Focal Press)
Make your own paper camera - Justin Quinnell (August 2009)


Further watching
Me on TV (Dull ego stuff!)

One Show (With Marty)

One Show (in studio)

The Frame

Dick and Dom

Today Radio 4

Blue Peter appearance

The Brothers Bloom - Great film with Rachael Weisz as a pinhole photographer!
James Nachtwey- Not pinhole but essential watching for all photographers - people


Unrelated Stuff
Just the sort of thing you didn't come to this site for!
My Dads Memoirs from WW2
My Mums Obituary

My Sister Jo's obituary

Tyr Peg. (A fab li'l cottage in Wales.) Video here!
Bristol West Green Party (Politix stuff)
Me on Jonathan Ross
Hemlock Keep up to date with Hong Kong's scandal and gossip.
My Brothers Talks to the Astronomy society
Lyns B+B

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